About us


i DEAF NEWS provides live- and pre-recorded video news via the Internet specifically oriented to the interests and education of deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) people. We believe in the universal value of education and will provide relevant news to our viewers.

i DEAF NEWS believes that through our news programs, deaf and hard of hearing people throughout the United States and, eventually, the world, will enjoy and benefit from news pertinent to their lives as DHH people. Providing news gleaned from all over the world, which is related to DHH concerns and interests, is our focus and our mission.

i DEAF NEWS believes in assisting members of the DHH community who endeavor to stay abreast of not only the general news they watch via networks and cable news programs, but news that’s relevant to their daily lives and livelihood as DHH people. Becoming and staying abreast of news that relates to the deaf community can help develop the informed, well-rounded person each aspires to be.


To provide daily and weekly news, via webcasts from our website, of events, sports and political- and human-interest, that is oriented specifically toward deaf and hard of hearing viewers. We will transmit high quality video that will be available for viewing at any hour.


To provide deaf and hard of hearing viewers the opportunity to keep abreast of current events relevant to their lives as DHH people. To provide programming that becomes a natural and respected adjunct to regular programming provided by network and cable news providers. To encourage the sharing of information and knowledge among and between DHH people.


i DEAF NEWS will collect and seek news related to deaf and hard of hearing events around the world and provide them via webcast using high quality video. Through news programs that present the rich and varied experiences and events in the DHH community, positive self-images are developed which carry over into the classroom, home, workplace and community. Our news webcasts will provide for an enriched knowledge-base within the DHH community.