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  • Shaka Zulu

    The CEO of ZVRS doesn’t know ASL. I rather see him talk for himself instead of using interpreter. You will never see him in the limelight to speak to our deaf peers. Tim Rarus is a dishonest guy who play favorism of hiring his friends from Chicago and his fraternity brothers. I only stipulated the fact. I think ZVRS have some nice products but deaf people won’t pay for it. Purple doesn’t push on the East coast. They are trying to recruit people right now for Purple but I think they loss the opportunity to grow in NY and Northeast Region.

  • Shaka Zulu

    I think Robin Horowitz made a good point that all VRS should have a universal platform so anyone can call any VP. ZVRS might be the only company that is innovating new products for VP market but I wouldn’t support any VRS company who abuse FCC minutes. I think all these VP companies should pool a percentage of their profit with a company like Google and Apple if they want to improve technology for the deaf market. Sorrenson dominated majority of the VP market and now they are concentrating on Caption Call market.

    I will be honest with you that Sorenson seem to be interest in making $$ not providing the best service. They are downiszing and hiring interpreters for less $$$. ZVRS CEO should be ashame of himself that his company was recently fined by the FCC. I truly think the FCC should cut rate again and make all these companies stop abusing the FCC monies.

    We should be thankful that our government is supporting VRS. I am tired of my deaf community whinning about that they don’t have enough. Canada and other countries don’t have the fiancially backing for this awesome service.

  • Jim

    An amazing and hot debate!

    First of all,a big “five” to “IDeafNews” for this video forum, and lots of thanks to VRS providers who were involved there. I am ex VRS interpreter, and clearly understand generally how its operated. We all agree that all VRS companies think about their profits first, and you deaf and HOH people should support and send your recommendations to the NAD. And second, Im not going to discuss about which VRS service is better or worst. I believe all American people by ADA Law have the rights for own choice. I have just one clear question to all VRS interpreters. How much you (VRS Interpreters) earn for per hours??? Maybe we should start here first??? (It is about rating point)
    We all proximate know how much general doctors or family doctors, for example, earn per hour, and how long and hard they have been study for their degree. Compare with VRS interpreters, how long they have been study for their “certification” or “non-certification” and compare their responsibilities with doctors are big difference. Than I have a question, why should we pay then that much money??? I believe it is not just fare, it is not right and acceptable. Any comments???

  • stacy

    i think they should make some options for vrs sign language use like an example whoever lives in west signs see or asl differences and east signs asl differences how would the vrs interpreters know excatly what you were signing?? my boyfriend is from east and he signs totally different from mine that would makes communication for us and for vrs and deaf or hard of hearing communication misunderstanding the conversations.. it would be nice to have a list of favor interpreters to choose from to make a perfect communications..

  • Susan Cunningham

    Wow I have learn a lot in this FCC’S public noticed of VRS. It make a sense in many ways. Thank you for sharing this certain important message within deaf community and better understand what you worrk with FCC and Customer. Thanks again.

  • debby

    Sorry, Sorenson Communication is still top one. Why Sorenson is not invited? Many Deaf people work for Sorenson.

  • Jean Lockamy

    SVRS are rich in the world and why not they give all deaf peoples ipad who need them most.. I asked them i need one bec I need this for emergeny or 911 and why they turn me down. a lady who live in san jose paid with good .. why do she have everything what she have from SVRS… I am one low-icome and I am in bad health.. I see dr often and call 911 to take me hosptial often why cant I have ipad.. I think SVRS are choose by fav peoples.. I called them SVRS CROOK.. I hope FCC will close SVRS FOR GOOD REASON. i WILL NEVER CALL SVRS AGAIN.

  • Michelle Trzecinski

    Thank you for the panel….it’s confused about ZVRS….let Sean explain….they recent get their 5 years cerficate from FCC….