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  • Bob Barker

    I disagree with NAD’s comment about VRS rate cut. It would not deteriorate the VRS service. The problem with certain VRS providers’ business model is that they want to pay their private equity owners certain dollar amount per month before they can improve their own business model. FCC has mentioned before that their number one concern is the quality of the service. I thought what NAD offered about 3rd party testing the application to ensure interoperability may be good alternative. However, FCC does not care about whether one application or many. They are concerned about the QUALITY of interoperability as being more important factor between various VRS services. Thus they are considering proposal from CDVRS about standardizing the interoperability features of application. Much like using Windows and Mac and both are very different operating system but communicate to each other pretty well through web pages, etc… Think about this, you DO NOT want to be locked to one VRS provider if you are not happy with that services just because you are stuck with that application or technology devices.

    So, don’t believe everything what says. You need to see for your self.

  • Judie A. Cronnlund

    I agree with NAD s comments on VRS.

  • I agree with most being said, we do need reform of all VRS be compatible together and still have
    Their own features. Savemyvrs is not the correct term of this reform, it is fabricated by SVrs as they
    don’t want to be part of team of deaf community but being a monopoly company. I just hope that we
    work out a solution that we ALL agree with. I applaud to FCC doing all they can to help the deaf community and has taken some time to listen to us. Sorenson needs to back down and start working with
    Us as a team, I also applaud to ideaf news taken the time to interview FCC of their intention, I really would
    like see some positive altitudes from everyone and work with FCC make things much better than companies being selfish with their services. I believe in competitions and show us they have something
    Nice to offer us. Thanks

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