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  • Achraf

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  • Bonnie Perry

    I do love Sorenson Vrs that I using all the time and love their new Ntouch VP.I think Sorenson
    Vrs and their business should be continue service for the deaf people and their products are very good
    for the deaf community and remember that some of us can’t afford to buy the tech equipments. Sorenson provide them to us for no costs and love their ideas with the new NTOUCH VP. Please keep the Sorenson Vrs and their services. Remember that was their first idea of VP.

  • Amy

    Yeah i agree with you. We need equal and choice. I remember when I had VP-200 and i really want to use Zvrs interpenter but it wouldnt allow me bec of techology confilt. So I changed my VRS service. It has lot more open connect than before.
    I think its good idea to have a software instead of hardware to have more equal choice. But I really hope you would have a program for deaf people that cant afford buy a software from shelves for cheaper.

  • Chris

    All honestly I believe csvrs has some major influence because in this interview he mention csvrs. As my view for csvrs I personally don’t recommend them because I did bought their product and now I can’t even use it and they said I have to buy different modem when they said it will work before I bought them, what more I kinda bought the phone number in first place and they closed deactivate my number knowing I cannot use their products at all now FCC want to listen to them what a joke!

  • Kristy

    1. I do think one piece of software would be best, and any VRS provider can add to the program. Open source software is actually a good thing. Plus, it would be compatible for all VRS providers because the core programming is the same, so it wouldn’t matter who we call–it would still work.

    2. I am confident that Deaf developers will step forward to create the software and/or design the hardware. Why are we all sitting back and waiting for someone else to do the job?

    3. Is a business that earns all of its money from the government a truly private business? I wouldn’t think so. Therefore, VRS providers that have only one stream of revenue–from the government–should be transparent and show where the money is going. I noticed some VRS providers spend a lot of time with advertising, traveling, setting up websites (like, why wouldn’t it be done on Sorenson’s site?), etc. Non-profit organizations are not so lucky to get a lot of money, and they must explain and justify every penny they get. Salaries are more limited. VRS CEOs are striking gold. At a compensation rate of $4-5 a minute of call time, that’s probably about $300 an hour. If a terp is paid $50 an hour, where’s the other $250 going?? Multiply that by the number of terp stations, hours in a day, days in a week, and weeks in a year. We are talking about millions of dollars. Another thing to consider about money is that Sorenson wouldn’t sell a VP to a hearing person like a friend or relative. We couldn’t chat directly with our own hearing parents, children, friends, etc, but must do it through a VRS interpreter. This is a barrier to the hearing people who can’t learn more about ASL this way and a barrier for us since we still can’t see our own hearing friends and relatives during a conversation.

    4. I know a lot of people have been saying they are too poor to pay their own way, but guess what? Some hearing people are poor, too. Deaf people are more likely to get assistance, and I am sure VR and Deaf services organizations will pick up and start including free VPs like with the TTY program. Or, deaf people can use their computers. The single application would be used on a computer or a TV, so it would work either way. You can’t expect other people to give you everything.

    5. For 911 calls, maybe the government can set up its own 911 VRS center. All 911 calls would be routed to this center. If the number of calls are approaching the number of available 911 VRS terps, the remaining callers can be directed to another VRS provider who will then connect to a hearing 911 operator.

    6. I am happy we got rid of the 800 numbers. Who needs them? If you need one, pay for it yourself.

    7. Quality will NOT be affected. Sorenson did just fine (actually, even better) when the FCC cut the rate from $14 to $4-5 a minute. A big cut, but VRS was still here.

  • all of deaf and hard of hearing people needs caption and vp too! Don’t be cut all of it okay thank you!

  • CHG

    SVRS/SavemyVRS and FCC’s comments are not exactly the same. At same time, as businessman, I do not like FCC’s proposal that may kill jobs and competitives. I do support the technologies improvements such as interoperating applications and requires all competitors to recognize all calls accross each others in a timeframe. As for cutting the rates, it is too drastic to cut rates right away and it kills jobs. Here we go again on economy and cutbacks. We disability people suffer first with cutbacks and limited services than normal hearing people. NAD should present the cost and job analysis on FCC proposal and make recommendation. As for VP products, it cannot be removed or shutdown. How can 72 to 88% of fixed income Deaf people afford products as laptop, computers, wireless phones, and even webcam if all current VP products invalid? That is not justifable. I know FCC’s intention not to limited the market however control the cost of the market. Again, the changes will hurt interpreters’ jobs and quality of services for sure. No VRS provider are ready for this drastic change. Where is CSDVRS’ and Purple’s comments toward this FCC proposal?

  • J.R

    There is so many different story about FCC what they try to control our VRS industry. I see lot of deaf people tells different story on deaf video. It makes us feel uneasy what is the truth behind in FCC processing. Greg make the video but not clearly. Need to clarify for all deaf people what he try to say. I can see he try to say but not much as he suppose to. He should set up the video and using ASL explaining what we expect from FCC and VRS etc. so that way we don’t want more misunderstand or worry about.