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  • Mario V

    What about other 4 qualified candidates runs for president. Gary Johnson of Libertarian, Jill Stein of Green Party, Roseanne Barr of Peace and Freedom party, and Virgil Goode of Constitution party. They all are qualified candidates, not just Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Even our US Constitution never mentioned only Republican and Democrats runs for presidency. That’s just corporation wants to focus on both Republican and Democrats to keep the idea going. Corporation didn’t want to change the form of government in the USA. Think again, there is more options for you guys, not just Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Even both going to destroy your dollars value. Think again please.

  • DH

    I still support OBAMA than MITT bec I heard that OBAMA support about senior citizen and deaf disability and Mitt will cut our Deaf income and Medicare off! I don’t want that kind of war in the world pls!

  • abbamd

    Are you aware that D.C, NY, CA, IL and NV are very Democratic states! They’s why almost all chose Obama. As an independent voter, the video did not help my decision at all.

  • patti

    thank you very much for polling ASL folks across the u.s. and for creating this video

    VOTE folks!

  • I am Support Romeny / Ryan Bec I am NRA Member I Don’t Trust Obama He Is Ant- Gun
    Also I am CCW Permit License For 11 Years Also Live Member NRA I Meet You At Louisville KY . Last July

  • Michelle

    I voted Obama…

  • Joe

    It seems large percentage of deaf people will vote for Obama. Unfortunately, it is statiscailly insignificant due to target college students population. It was interesting to see how they come to decision on election of presidential candidates. I wish a more balanced view on which presidential candidate rather than hearing Obama, Obama, and Obama. I accept if this is the true representation of deaf population’s politcal ideology.

    For myself, I will be vote Mitt Romney. He is the man who will lift up America and restore the principle that made America great. Through his plan, he will stand up to China and rebuke for Currency manipulator, he will cut down corporate tax rate to get small businesses humming and creating jobs, he will fix the healthcare that Obama and his people poorly designed which it Obama Care supposedly to follow Mitt’s health care plan for Masschusset, Romney will effectively build an energy independence unlike Obama’s fraudlent Solyndra, and Romney will bring manfacturing jobs back in US which historically large employed Deaf employees.

    I predict Mitt Romney to a landslide victory!