• Patrick

    >>> May I suggest an alternative viewpoint. <<<

    We live in a great country where freedom of speech is a precious right that is to be protected, even when we are offended.

    We have many different types of comedy. Carol Bernett had good slapstick and physical humor. The tonight show has witty commentary. And satire such as SNL and Chealsea uses unusual and not real situations to mock at others and ourselves. By doing it to everyone, the offend no-one.

    Is the Deaf community so thin-skinned that it cannot even take a joke, especially when that is on a comedy show that uses satire. In all honesty, the Chealsea bit wasn't even about the Deaf, Nor was the SNL opening skit last Saturday. It was using satire as a way to convey New York stereotypes as how people speak and incorporate it into how an interpreter may sign it, however innapropriately. It was visual and meant to make fun of ourselves. It was innovative, and something fresh, but more importantly, shows like SNL and Chealsea make fun of everyone, not just one ethinic group.

    Let me be clear, I'm not advocating for anyone to make fun of the Deaf or of ASL. But what we are talking about is a comedy show that mocks all sorts of situations whether we get it or not.

    I don't think the Deaf was offended when Garrett Morris and Chevy Chase did a funny bit about Hard of Hearing people in 1975 in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVjSkIOOd6Q

    In demanding an apology, your well-meaning intention may actually backfire and cause more harm than good. I absolutely agree with Barbara Pfingst in her post above. In demanding an apology, it appears elitists, above all other groups or people, that somehow we deserve special treatment from, of all things a comedy show. It may also generate more bad publicity about NAD and other such demands.

    Personally, I got the joke, and I wasn't offended. Some of you may be, but crying out to demand an apology — especially from a comedy show, will actually put you in a weaker position than if you simply accept it for what it is. Just a mocking skit.

    Come on people, lets all be able to laugh about it. There are far more important things to put our energy into than a comedy show.

  • I know that you , Chelesea Handler always make fun of all people but important breaking news are to deaf and hard of hearing people and Chelesea should not say about touching breasts for emergency news . stop making fun on ASL . thank you

  • Barbara Pfingst

    As an interpreter, I didn’t find this funny and didn’t appreciate how it makes fun of ASL and the Deaf & HOH communities. I would like to make a suggestion, however. Complaining to the show and to SNL will only get us so far and make us seem like “bad sports.” When SNL make fun of Palin and Clinton, they actually came on the shows and had large audiences to see them. It was a huge platform. The world is now looking at ASL users and interpreters. The Deaf and HOH communities (or maybe NAD & RID) could contact the Public Relations person(s) at the shows and ask to come on and talk about Deaf Culture and the wonderful contributions the Deaf & HOH Communities have made, plus talk about the hard work and dedication to be an interpreter (both Deaf and hearing interpreters). People are never going to get it unless we show them the positive, good things about us. The world is watching, why not take this opportunity to show how wonderful we are!

  • lina

    Coda group liked article make fun of fake interpter like on tv report news of sandy hurrince


  • saelee
  • This shows how ignorant the media can be towards deaf culture. Just like hearing people depend on inflexion, voice modulation and changing of voice pitch when diolging. Like the deaf and hard of hearing they depend on body gestures and sign lauge when communicating. You definitely owe the deaf community and the interpretor a public apology you dont get it!!!!

  • Mary-Anne Fasullo

    Hello iDeaf ,
    OH God !! Wow yes it is very much Discriminial for Mock to deaf Commuinty How come Government more Concern Bully— to Kids same things we feel that way When I was newly teenager and rode home from school by bus public transit like subway … Once for a while person mock me and give stupid facial expression like mock now I grew up notice change to give respect and learn interesting about asl now i watch those t.v. i feel go back past horrible …… we alway give respect to hearing what about us ? we are HUMAN BEING LIKE YOU ALL IN WORLD THERE HAVE NO DIFFERNECE …… please give respect and facial expression mean like we cant hear angry voice from hearing ppl becuase their face look the same no facial expression but hearing can hear whoa angry right other way deaf ppl watch their facial expression show any emotionial face show with comminution asl very important it is not fun as clown no ….. it is part of LANGUAGE !!!!!! in the world …. please give us respect ….. thank you for sharing those iam complain …. horrible feeling it is sicko..

  • You need to do another one for this one too! See near end of the video…


  • Thomas Donnelly

    Deaf people are very brave. Deaf people just want to live their lives in a productive way.Deaf people should be applauded for their courage and good efforts.
    The Chelsea Lately Show is a show that uses satire to be funny. But making fun of ASL was wrong. It went beyond good taste. It entered the world of being hurtful.
    The beautiful lady who signed for Mayor Bloomberg did a wonderful job in communicating not only the facts but also with emotion. She deserves praise for her work in spreading important ideas during a dangerous life threatening storm. Her gift of sign saved lives by informing the Deaf Community of what was happening.
    We don’t make fun of blondes with big teeth who have lame humor. Chelsea needs to apologize for her hurtful portrayal. It wasn’t funny. It was cruel and not helpful.
    I am not deaf, but there is a special place in my heart for the Deaf Community.

  • Shawana Hovan

    ASL is a beautiful language that has it’s own syntax and semantics just like other languages. Interpreters such as the one we saw on tv, sharing the news of Sandy, did an excellent job. Maybe the Late Show would be more respectful of Deaf culture if they had someone in their own families who were Deaf and signed. People who make fun of others, usually feel better about themselves when they do that.