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  • Margaret A-T

    I believe that Nebraska at Mainstream School signed are AWFULLY because they do not teach his parents to choose for their deaf son to use GUN Sign language which mean it is Sign Exact English are awfully by public school do not training deaf children with their better ASL language .

    Hunter is name.. not mean gun.. but problem is the parent choose Hunting sign are not make a sense with his personality names connecting?


  • Betsi

    Since I graduated Gallaudet, I got the impression how much the campus has changed! Recently, I have visited Gally from England and…ummm…well, I leave you to put your comments and thoughts. Yet, Gallaudet ROCKS! By the way, Seth does rock, too!! 🙂

  • Betsi

    Seeing a student putting his feet on a brand-new table at that brand-new dormitory is disgusting! Give us some respect, please!

  • Pat Luh

    I really enjoyed to watch! Seth, you did an awesome Job! :0)