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  • hello: I am from fort worth, texas boy I am already hungry…… Too bad, you are from Tampa, Florida….I wish you all the success…… Will definitely stop by your place when we are in Tampa….
    sid Ander

  • Bobby is my old classmate from STJSD since I knew him as good man and also wonderful chef i went his restaurant last 2009 he is really excellent chef!!! i am impressive with him! I ll come back to ur place restaurant in someday keep it up best chef brother! :D

  • Ja Shopshire 2 years ago

    Robert Osso was my former student plus one of my favorite student at Virginia School for the Deaf in Hampton. I am so proud of him. I must visit him at Timpano restaurant as soon as possible.

  • What a great story to see deaf people work in restaurant. Wish I go there often to eat varied meals! I’m from NYS.