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  • Alicia Mcclurkan

    I used to work at The Learning Center School For The Deaf. Chuck always ask students and staffs to do some projects. I never see my students complain. They always say I want to go art work and help CB because he asked , I never see any students have that motivate to work in art ! He always work in cafeteria putting his art work there. He always took his time to talk with anyone, always listen patiently and will give or accept feedback. It was a great pleasure to work and know him there. He really inspire TLC students and bright our lives.

  • Tommy

    he was my favorite arist of all i met him once at D.E.A.F Sunday he was awesome and amazing artist may he be with god miss you chuck love ya

  • Kevin J.Nolan, Sr.

    A beautiful tribute!! Thanks for sharing. Will sorely miss Chuck.


  • lark k

    i knew him since i was little he former teacher in Sedona art camp he taught me do arts crafts and acting.. i been acting through middle school, high school and college in ntid he will be dearly misses.. love him and love the videos