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  • Johnny L. C.

    I am getting the feeling (or is it my hungry nose?) that iDeafNews is becoming FOOD ORIENTED..because every time I turn on the iDeafNews channel I see poached eggs on top of Mozzeria’s famous wood fired crust, with cheese and hollandaise sauce smothered over it..iDeafNews is guilty of tempting me to go back there and check it out!

  • Anonymous

    Finalllly and finally, there is a truly woman restauranter – not her husband because she had a dream that her goal set before opening the pizzeria. She worked so hard and had to loan monies for setting a restaurant. Previous vlogs of had been interviewed with Russ Stein twice and small one in one vlog with Melody which videoed at the end that Jason K. might make a mistake.

    Melody is the true one who had a hopeful dream due to her family generation of being restauranters.