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Chuck Baird Memorial Service is on our i DEAF NEWS Facebook Page –


  • I never forget his sense of humor to share me the story about how champ a woman giving his feet massage with his cheerful eyebrows expression. Again, I never forget his story about Deaf Way 2 on how he helped the Deaf Colombian man to feel self-confidence to scuplt the big and beautiful eye. It is still on the Gallaudet Campus in front of the Tower Clock. Every time I seen he had a great story to tell me. I think he was the bravest honest man in my life because he never was afraid to say straight from his ASL.

  • Al Manfredonio

    This is a day of great sadness for all of us in deaf community. He will be sorely missed but not forgotten. His legend will continue to carry on infinity with his art work. Never forgot the good times we had during NTID days in late 60s and Spectrum in Austin, TX in late 70s! Now you are in good hands. Take care…

    Al Manfredonio

  • Johnny L. C.

    If I didn’t move to Texas to live for one year in 2009, I probably would have never met him. It was by the grace of God that I was able to meet this fine man. I will miss him but I will see him again in the heavenly realm.