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  • Johnny L. C.

    California deaf programs at CSDF and Ohlone has continued its’ progress with student and faculty advocacy alongside with the staunch support from the deaf community, a deaf dean retired at Ohlone, and with rallies by the deaf community in whole, a deaf dean replaced him. with Klopping’s support and the deaf community in whole, a deaf superintendent replaced Klopping to finish what he began, by passing the torch to Virnig. I am very proud of the support from our Northern Californian deaf community that makes it possible for deaf school administrators to move up to the highest positions possible. This video not only demonstrates Virnig’s vision but validates the choice and appointment of Virnig.

  • Antonia Mueller

    nice interview better than St Augustine Deaf School in Florida!

  • http://RLMDEAF Robert L. Mason

    Great interview! Glad to see Sean Viring expanded his clarification on what he and the entire CSD community have the vision to lead the educational leadership.


  • David Williams

    I watched at most pleasure! I am so proud that we are from Minnesota.