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  • Lisa

    Hi, The news about what happened today has not given much details or outcome of others. I am curious to know what other has for verdicts as well. Not just John or Joseph. What about the others. What were the outcome of their decision?

  • Hello Seth,
    I have a question about Anthony Mowl. I don’t see a new update regarding his sentencing result on Dec. 14. Was he finally sentenced that day or what? Where is your new update regarding him? Let me know and thank you for your awesome news reports!

    Wendy C.

  • Jon Breuer

    John Yeh may be Robin Hood but I do not feel sorry for John Yeh. Guilty is guilty!!! He is lucky that he doesn’t have Madoff’s sentence!!! So, please stop feel bad for him. blah blah…..

  • MichRocks

    I second Neal Golden

  • Neal Golden

    The court should have send Yeh to the Midwest. He deserve 20 years and I don’t care what he did in the past for the deaf community. The bottom line he knew exactly what he was doing. He’s not a Christian. A Christian don’t steal or commit adultery. Mr. Yeh better read the bible again. He is a disgrace to the deaf community. I can’t wait for DHIS to appear in court. The Russian liar(Irma A) will tell the judge another sypathetic story. If you are a thieves and you know right from wrong. You deserve to face the crime that you committed. Karma bit them on the ass!!!! Now they can sit in jail and write a story about there life.

  • Simon

    Very disappointed that they got guilty. Hope later on Judge will give them to reduce time in jail. Their sponsors and families were supporter them and give them good spirit. God bless them. Hopefully they will be in Federal jail instead of regular jail.

  • Ting Chiao

    Hello Sean. It is sad news with John Yeh and his brother Joseph got guilty to go jail… They will be blessed too.