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  • Evan Johnson

    I’m glad that Howard righteously files a lawsuit against Netflix. However, he files “Disability Civil Rights” instead of “Deaf Civil Rights” lawsuit. I find that odd, because he should know better that we’re not disability. Hearing people say we’re disability, because we can’t hear. They don’t know the definition of disability…we can be independence and don’t need any help at all! They’re also disability, because average of them has lower spatial skill and narrower periphereal vision, and communicate poorly, because their spoken language isn’t visual. 


    On HBO and other premium channels for which we pay the same as those who hear well, much is still not captioned. I just sent the following plea regarding music:I adore HBO and have subscribed for over 20 years. I have also been severely hard of hearing since I was five years old. Closed captioned and English-subtitled television and film have changed my life, especially as I now thrill to the lyrics of music I love. HBO has always been a great leader in the captioning field and I have always been a grateful and loyal customer. Suddenly, last night, fabulous “True Blood” music, so intricately part of the fabric of the drama, showed nothing but a musical symbol. what are they singing about? Who is singing? Directors take great pains in selecting just the right music and songs for just the right moments and this becomes an integral part of the whole. Lyrics have direct meaning and bearing in the work being shown. You have ALWAYS captioned the songs on this series before and I’ve fallen in love with many artists through this media and bought their works. How can you exclude me and discriminate against me like this? It happened once before with the final season of “The Sopranos,” but I though you folks had learned and returned to full captioning.PLEASE bring back the words I need and love so much!!!!! Please return my loyalty and caption everything. There are MILLIONS of me.

  • Darren

    Are they induled with Canada? 

  • John

    What about HBO GO?  Their shows are captioned but not the website.  Same for Xfinity.  Are there any plans to go after them?