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  • Christopher Branagan

    *Silent Applause*  to her that little girl is right which she transfer another school for the deaf from public school and school for the deaf has provided great project right for her  which she meet her expect for her goal and the great project help and quick learn education with language and society.  that make she is abe to comprehend with writing and sign language use communicate.   In addition, that what I feel the video with iDeafNews is good spreading word to people in network as Facebook, Twitter and other. I want to get the video, it show to School Distract in New England (Six States of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut)  all states have cut many good project. I am most concerned with Some School for the deaf in Maine and Vermont and other States.  Schools are maybe able to close school and some school had already closed in few years ago because many public school have settled deaf project mainstream and increase deaf students in public school cause other school for the deaf decrease deaf students.  That i still not happy with Distract School and before i graduated from Austin School for the Deaf in 2005 So, I want to make sure that video spread word to people and SHOW IT to School Distract!  They have to understand deaf people and family and kids are most concerned and big situate with school distract.  whether, i am considered many hearing people who work school distract with project. Are they comprehending and situating and forcing with deaf people’s concern and education or not?  

  • Congrats! She is in her right place for her best quality of her life because direct communication is 100% accessible to acquire her language.  Third party like interpreter is not 100 % accessible.  I had been traveling to Sweden, Denmark, and Belguim and I was so impressed Deaf teenagers can write 4 different languages.

  • tina jo

    BEAUTIFUL! So glad you brought this to light having
    Terrylene share excellent sentiments on her daughter’s behalf.  Thank YOU
    for coming forward as I support the human right to optimize language
    acquisition for literacy competency. We need to bring to the attention of
    school districts to see how native ASL users have more proficiency with
    language than Deaf children who have impoverished access to language growing
    up. You have provided your daughter the language. This is an excellent example
    of how school districts require mainstreaming when possible when the Deaf child
    has “some” hearing or excellent speech…districts are misled due to the IDEA
    interpretation that we need to change from “Least Restrictive Environment” to
    “Most Appropriate Placement!” Sad how I’ve seen mainstreamed students
    transferred to Deaf schools lacking not only academic skills but also social
    and leadership skills. Over the years since their enrollment, they have
    blossomed in these areas as their English skills improved –but it could have
    been better if they had an early start. Teachers are left with additional
    baggage due to ineffective approach that these students had endured before
    coming to Deaf schools. It is unfortunate in some cases it got too late.
    Implications of the failure of mainstream education for Deaf students, we need
    to STRESS school districts to SEE the importance of having schools for the Deaf
    solely as the educational placement for Deaf students. The real solution is
    early visual language acquisition as we do not want Deaf children to merely
    survive lousy education for lack of language. Keep sending Deaf children to our
    schools for the deaf, just the place where opportunities are given to assure social and academic success!