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  • Maureen

    What a great inspiring story you share and Om Kristen is great example being herself and love!

  • Roberta Merrill

    OM Kristen ~      I love your concept of Deafhood & yoga.  Its indeed, TRUE ~!!         YES breathing is sooo precious..  Youre simply awesome and spiritual/business gifted~          Keep going, and,  spread the wings to reach out to more hungry Deaf people who need spiritual information~     Congratulations, beautiful soul, Kristen ~   <3

  • Dorothy M. Wilkins

    Om Kristin, it’s awesome to watch you growing a whole beautiful yoga being!  Thanks for sharing your experience as a yogi and as a business woman running a Deaf-centered yoga. From another Deaf yogi

  • Trisha Giorgio

    Hi I would like to know if any of that in MA I am not teacher i want to learn  maybe you ask someone film you like step then sell DVD for my home

  • Alynn Davis

    This is one beautiful news tidbit and I’m genuinely amazed with this enlightment of sharing, experiencing, and relating to ourselves. Thank you for sharing this beautiful video!~