• Stephen D. Austin

    I am astounded that this school may or will close . My best friend went to school at Fanwood . My  first reaction after reading of the school closing was disgust. Next was how  I have seen deaf people bullied .Why not cut out some activities at hearing schools. My answer politicians afraid of voters sad but true.We are in this mess in our country in part because standing up for the next right thing or (as my grandfather would put it “fair,straight and true seem for gotten here).   Cut more deeply at regular public school the tools needed are basic a strong political spine and the ability to without blinking say I did the next right thing and I stand by my decision. We can always vote out the poor policy makers always.

  • Paul

    Wow , Dr Tiffany used to be Princpal of Alabama School for the Deaf  in 80’s thur 90’s !!! I glad to see he making Successfully !

  • Eibwen

    Vernice, the dormitory has closed, due to the fewer number of students and due to money.

  • Vernice Sonnier

    Great show! Noticed that there is no dormitory? Are they day pupils?

  • Capricia Avery

    I like Vivienne’s idea and it would be great for parents to understand and other things. I watched vlog recently. It was really great! I never knew about Fanwood history and they showed me some pictures from early 1930’s. Wow!!! It is very important for deaf, hard of hearing, parents, etc. know more about deaf history, etc. It is really WORTH!!! Keep up good work! *THUMB UP* =)

  • Jeannette Z.

    Amazing Vlog! Brings me a lot of great memories at Fanwood – and so good to see how much they have changed for the better! Great job, Seth, for spreading our Fanwood pride across the world!

  • Tina Jo Breindel

    How touching!! Being a ’75 Fanwood grad, it’s great to
    be reminded where I’ve left my roots ; ) Good suggestion, Vivienne. How about
    adding a website we can sign up to be kept abreast of Fanwood activities. I’m not sure if this is the right link, http://www.nysd.k12.ny.us/educationAlice, NYSD was established in 1817, too! When Clerc founded
    ASD, other residential schools soon opened throughout the country ; )

  • Vivienne Schroeder

    Wonderful video! I wonder if you plan to add subtitles so that hearing parents of deaf children can understand what is being said? This would make a great recruitment video! 

  • Matthew

    Also…”NYSSD” New York State School for the Deaf  in Rome, NY. Dues at June 15. it will shut down. but…Why Govt do that? from Gov. Patterson did it? I don’t know understand why he did it and other Govt members?I hope they won’t shut our good nyssd again.

  • http://www.imadeamericagreat.webs.com Alice Hagemeyer

    Please note that founding date of the FANWOOD should not be the same time as the founding of the American School for the Deaf.